Red Bull Ring: FIA F3 Races 9 & 10
Jul 02

Red Bull Ring: FIA F3 Races 9 & 10

Red Bull Ring | Austria

Photo Credits: ©James Gasperotti Photography

2023 FIA F3 | Red Bull Ring
Spielburg, Austria
Round 6 | Races 09 & 10
June 30 – July 2| 2023

Red Bull Ring Highlights

Practice: 17th Place
Qualifying Position: 9th Place
Race 1: 7th Place
Race 2: 26th Place
Championship: 17th Place

Practice | June 30th: 17th Place

Qualifying | June 30th

Qualifying: 9th Position

In a short circuit of 2.7 miles (4.3 Km) and 30 drivers looking for clean laps, qualifying was difficult. If a driver slowed in front or if drivers stacked up in a line waiting to go for their hot lap, getting around them would ruin the lap time. At one point in the session, 24 cars sat in waiting heading into turn 3. Kaylen started his final flying lap with speed in Sectors 1 & 2, however not optimal in Sector 3. Qualifying 9th, the top nine drivers were within 2/10ths of pole position. The field and track were tight.

Race 9 | July 1st | Saturday Sprint Race

Starting Position: 4th Place
Finish Position: 7th Place

In this reverse grid sprint race, Kaylen found excellent traction at the start and moved into 3rd at race start. Headed into Lap 2, Kaylen secured another position and advanced to 2nd. At Lap 8, Kaylen’s pace dropped, and eventual race winner Aaron cleared Kaylen to take 2nd. In laps following, Kaylen successively fell out of DRS due to lack of pace and dropped to 7th Place. Showing great promise up until lap 8, the limiting race pace determined outcomes.

 Race 10 | July 2nd | Sunday Feature Race

Starting Position: 9th Position
Finish Position: 26th Position

With a strong start again, Kaylen advanced to 7th by lap 2. Staying in 7th until lap 10, Kaylen was rounded by Collet and fell back to 8th with tires losing grip. Regaining 7th in Lap 12, and then attacking Aaron around the outside in lap 13, Kaylen moved into 6th. While defending in heavy battling with three drivers in lap 16, Kaylen fell out of DRS and dropped to 7th. Fighting with Boyo on lap 17 Kaylen lost 7th, then regained 7th by passing on the outside. However, Boyo pushed Kaylen off track and damaged Kaylen’s front wing forcing Kaylen to pit for wing replacement and leading to eventual 26th at race finish.

FIA F3: Scrappy Sunday

“Kaylen Frederick was taken out of points contention in an incident with Mari Boya, a big disappointment after the American’s hugely impressive display up to that point. He arguably pulled off overtake of the weekend, rounding Aaron at Turn 1 all the way around the outside with millimeters separating the pair.”

Championship Round-up: 17th Position

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