Mid-Ohio: Qualified P2 & Pole! But then…
Jul 27
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Mid-Ohio: Qualified P2 & Pole! But then…

Mazda Road to Indy:
USF2000 Championship Races 10, 11, & 12
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio

Highlights: MRTI USF2K Race 10:
Mazda Road to Indy USF2000
Team: Pabst Racing
July 26th, 2018
Qualified: Qualified 2nd/Lap Time 1:20.8823 Seconds
Race: Finished 24th/Contact 1st Lap
Mid-Ohio: 2.258 Mile, 13 Turn Road Course

USF2000 Race 10 Recap
Following a solid start from 2nd place and within .2 of leader Kyle Kirkwood, Kaylen was hit broadside by the driver behind in Turn 4 leaving him immobile on the curbing. Picking up the chase after the field swept by and left him a lap down, Kaylen was caught up in another incident in front of him in Lap 5, stopping an advance to the front with a retirement.


Highlights: MRTI USF2K Race 11:
Mazda Road to Indy USF2000
Team: Pabst Racing
July 27th, 2018
Qualified: Qualified 1st/Pole – 1:20.9419 Seconds
Race: Finished 23rd/1st Lap Error & 5th Lap Penalty
2.258 Mile, 13-Turn Road Course



USF2000 Race 11 Recap
Rounding Turn 1 from pole, Kaylen had made an excellent start gapping 3 car lengths to the chasing Kyle Kirkwood. Locking the brakes on cold tires led to an early trip into the gravel trap in Turn 2. Returning to the track in P24, Kaylen was giving chase again when another driver turned into Kaylen on the back straightaway. Kaylen ended his race in the wall with a race retirement.


Highlights: MRTI USF2K Race 12:
Mazda Road to Indy USF2000
Team: Pabst Racing
July 28th, 2018
Qualified: Starting Position 22nd (based on Race 2 Finish)
Race: Finished 19th/5th Lap Penalty
Mid-Ohio: 2.258 Mile, 13-Turn Road Course

USF2000 Race 12 Recap
Grid assignments for race start were based upon fastest laps in race 2. As Kaylen spent his few laps in Race 2 passing the field, lap times were not efficient in Race 2. Giving chase at race start from 22nd position, Kaylen had advanced to P5 by lap 5. Race control assigned a Stop & Go penalty for an aggressive pass on the driver Kaylen had passed for 5th. Kaylen served his penalty and returned to the race, finishing in the back of the field.

Race Weekend Summary:
Qualifying was executed to the script. Waiting on the grid until 10 minutes had passed in the 20-minute sessions, Kaylen used his 3 laps available to warm tires and make the final lap count. Kaylen placed Car 24 up front in P2 and Pole position for the first two races. While qualifying was well-executed, this was a weekend of 3 races and 3 setbacks, and a fall from 2nd in the championship to 6th. Punted off the track in Race 1/Lap 1, Kaylen ran fast all weekend even though the races played out poorly. Through it all Kaylen Frederick was the driver that refused to accept defeat.

Vlatko Andonov/Pilot ONE Racing: “Frederick’s attacking style, coupled with immense and very visible talent, is what has made him perhaps the most exciting driver to campaign in USF2K in the 2018 season. So, the weekend didn’t work out. The fierce driving will win him more races than they will lose him. Races that otherwise might not be won.”


Next Race:
Portland International Raceway
Portland, Oregon
1.97-Mile, 12-Turn Road Course
Rounds 13/14
August 31 – September 2

Event Details:
Up next, Kaylen and Pabst Racing’s USF2000 Series team will compete at the downtown Streets of Toronto circuit, July 13th – 15th. Follow Kaylen Frederick and Pilot ONE Racing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to date on the latest news and developments.


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